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Why a website on personal growth?

Too many people live day in and day out with untapped potential. Life can be so much more enjoyable, fulfilling, and effective if you know how to approach it. With this website, I aim to contribute to your personal growth, so you can experience the energy that you have within you more often.

What is NABL?

This website started as a blog where I shared my articles. The topics of those articles are diverse, just like my interests. The central theme is personal growth and leadership.

Everyone learns in their own way. This is the reason I started adding other sources besides articles, such as podcasts, YouTube clips, and recommended books. All of this to provide you with directly applicable methods and techniques, illustrated through personal experiences.

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What does the name NABL stand for?

What does NABL (pronounced as “enable”) stand for? I get this question regularly, and the answer is twofold. Firstly, NABL stands for “to enable“, is the sense of empowering or making possible. This powerfully reflects the goal of NABL, namely to enable you to reach your maximum potential and do more of what energizes you.

Secondly, these four letters form my initials, L.B.A. Nordin, but in reverse order.

Who am I and why do I focus on personal growth?

My name is Lennart Nordin, and I set up this website in 2019. I was schooled as a mechanical engineer, and in my daily life, I work as a Product Manager. I focus on optimizing and professionalizing technical products and services in that role.

My curiosity about the systems, processes, and causes that make our existence what it is, is insatiable. As a result, I read many books, attend seminars and training sessions, and delve into various topics that pique my interest.

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Why write about personal growth?

As I absorbed more knowledge, I also noticed the transience of that knowledge. With this blog, I achieve two goals at once: on the one hand, I can apply my knowledge, make new connections, and reflect on experiences by writing about personal growth and leadership. It’s no coincidence that NABL’s tagline is “Only applied knowledge has value.

Let’s be honest: how many times have you read something fascinating, only to realize later that you never did anything with it?

Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

On the other hand, I can make my knowledge accessible to you as a reader, so that you can grow as a person. Too often, I have assumed that much of what I know is common knowledge. By sharing what I know and come across, I want to give you the tools to take steps in your own development.

I get totally energized by the topics on NABL that I want to give others the same experience. The positive feedback from people who have gained new insights and made positive changes through NABL gives me new energy to take an extra step every time.

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