Is this your first time here? Below I briefly elaborate on the setup of this blog on personal leadership. After reading it, you can go ahead and dive right into the articles.

The overarching theme of the articles on NABL is personal leadership in its broadest form. One article will elaborate on the prioritization of the tasks at hand and there will be another piece on expanding your influence. The articles are based on subjects that are of interest to me at a specific moment in time.

What is personal leadership?

Personal leadership is the continuous effort one makes to keep developing and upgrading personally. The goal is to be a better version of yourself tomorrow as compared to the person you are today.

My articles aim to guide you on this journey but you should note the rate at which information is forgotten. The Ebbinghaus forgetting curve in the image below indicates the percentage of information that sticks in your mind after a certain time interval. Please note that the horizontal axis is non-linear. In reality, the curve is thus even steeper.

Ebbinghaus Forgetting curve
The Ebbinghaus forgetting curve

After only 20 minutes half of the information has been forgotten! This illustrates the importance of regular repetition of certain information, to better retain it. The learning pyramid of Bales, illustrated in the figure below, provides more insight into this aspect. Search for ways in which you can bring the theory into practice, for which a great first step is to share any newly gained insights with a colleague or friend.

Bales' pyramid of learning
Bales’ pyramid of learning

Want to know more and be informed?

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Good luck applying the techniques and methods for personal growth mentioned in the articles on this blog.